yugioh 5ds episode 1

Yusei says that through this Duel Jack has shown him that which has been dwelling within his own soul.
Yusei rides upwards along a crane and soars off of it, declaring his attack with "Junk Warrior" in the process.Akiza affirms and tells him that he doesn't need to worry about her anymore, she's no longer a child.However Yusei announces that he is using his third chance at "High and Low".Learn More, yugi, Kaiba and Joeys ace monsters are now available as a figural keychain!"Shooting Star Dragon" ebook novel jingga dan senja breaks into three as it uses its "Stardust Mirage" effect.Number 154, air date (ja march 30, 2011, screenwriter.Carly cries that it is because nobody can stop Jack's raging soul.The future events of this episode are set eight years after the present day events.Be born, Shooting Star Dragon!", as " Shooting Star Dragon " is Accel Synchro Summoned.Yusei's lane stops at the pool, while Jack's continues over.
At a stadium, the King, Jack Atlas, has just won the "Duel of the century".
Yusei draws and Summons " Junk Synchron ".
THE dark side OF dimensions.Crow replies that he has done everything he can as part of this team and there is nothing more he can learn from them.Trudge asks when they suddenly got so mature.Two girls rush over to Luna.Yusei replies that he just can't sleep; The others are still in the city and he is trying to engrave the memory of what the air feels like tonight into his heart forever.Since "Sonic Warrior" was used as a Synchro Material Monster, its effect activates, increasing the ATK of "Speed Warrior, "Sonic Chick and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" by 400 Speed Warrior /400; "Sonic Chick 300 700/300; "Quillbolt Hedgehog /800).Now if the equipped monsters attacks a monster, the attacked monster's effects will be negated.Mina approaches Jack and says that on behalf of the former Sector Security, she has brought him some parting gifts.Yusei sends the first top card of his Deck to the Graveyard and reveals it to be " Sonic Warrior so "Shooting Star Dragon" gains 1000 ATK Shooting Star Dragon /2500).Leo says that he'll be more easygoing than ever to make up for the past.