windows 2000 server firewall

File Sharing uses TCP port avg 2012 windows 7 445.
Configure the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL Server Access.
This is the type of configuration that must be completed to connect to SQL Server.We recommend that you do not use the preconfigured rule Secure World Wide Web Services (https).Other than domain networks, all networks are initially categorized as public.Note, turning on the firewall will affect other programs that access this computer, such as file and print sharing, and remote desktop connections.To do this, use the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security 5 steps to a powerful personal brand MMC snap-in and sort the inbound and outbound rules by port number.That will help to isolate any connectivity/rights issues in a more direct and simple environment.Exe tool can be used by an administrator to configure and monitor Windows-based computers at a command prompt or using a batch file.
For more information, see Configure a Server to Listen on a Specific TCP Port (SQL Server Configuration Manager).
We recommend that you use the preconfigured Distributed Transaction Coordinator rule group.
Troubleshooting Firewall Settings The following tools and techniques can be useful in troubleshooting firewall issues: The effective port status is the union of all rules related to the port.
This allows either access to specified programs running on your computer, or access to specified connection ports on your computer.
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An administrator configures exceptions to the firewall.
SQL Server default instance running over an https endpoint.To add a program exception to the firewall using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security From the start menu, type.Exe to the Exceptions list and open TCP port 135.For SQL Server specific information about reserving an S endpoint using HttpCfg.Using the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Snap-in Additional advanced firewall settings can be configured by using the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security MMC snap-in.If the target server is running Windows Firewall (aka Internet Connection Firewall) like what is shipped with Windows XP and Windows 2003, then you need to tell it to let remote WMI requests through3.Click Browse to locate your instance of SQL Server.In addition to displaying active TCP connections, the netstat utility also displays a variety of IP statistics and information.Choosing a firewall strategy is more complex than just deciding if a given port should be open or closed.For some RPC-based services, you can configure a specific port instead of letting RPC assign one dynamically.Windows Server 2008 also has an advanced firewall helper called advfirewall.Right click for Properties on 'WMI Control'.This can be a more secure setting than My network (subnet) only, however, client computers using dhcp can occasionally change their IP address.On Rule type, click Program.