walking dead season 6 episode 1

In the past: Rick learns about the W man from Morgan and tells Daryl they should beef up security.
In the present: Michonne and Rick monitor the herd on gal pani x game the road.
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Rick wrestles the gun from Carter but decides at the last minute not to execute him.Continuing their earlier conversation, Daryl tells Rick that recruiting new people is the only way to help the community thrive.Glenn will help herd, but Maggie decides to stay back in Alexandria to keep an eye on things.But Rick has an end in mind, and it will require everyone to work in perfect harmony to make that dream ending a reality.It will only take 1 minute of your time and you will only have to do this once.
Will Rick's plan work?
In the present: Sasha and Abraham drive a car to a rendezvous point marked with red balloons.
First Time Again tests the limits of that plan, as the Alexandria group (plus a few newcomers) are forced into action earlier than expected, while also taking a look back at how the plan came.
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In the present: The walker herd reaches the finish line when a loud horn unexpectedly goes off in the distance.Rick meets with his team and devises a plan to herd the walkers west, away from Alexandria.A walker attacks Carter and bites him.MoreInfoHoverText existing_displayName - existing_provider : existing_siteName existing_createdDate moreInfoText existing_displayName created existing_createdDate at existing_siteName connectLegacyRadioText createRadioText current_provider, validating connect_button create_button.Thank you for supporting our community!In the past: Rick presides over a community meeting to propose herding the quarry walkers away before they break free and attack Alexandria.Unnerved, Carol curtly thanks Morgan for the compliment.Hence the term, 'first time again'.Rick argues that Pete was a murderer, but Morgan counters, Im a murderer, Rick.In the past: Rick visits Morgan in the unfinished townhouse where he was detained following his fight with Pete Alexandrias unofficial holding cell.In the past: Ricks group and the Alexandria residents build the wall.He takes a swig of liquor then pours some out onto Petes corpse.Daryl disagrees, but for now Rick is sticking to what he knows will work.