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Attributes Attribute Required Description file one of file or dir will copy specified file dir will copy all files from this directory dest Yes parent directory of actual fifa 13 xbox 360 squad update destination directory; actual destination directory name will be the build timestamp.
Top The bootstrappers element is a container element for Bootstrapper plugin instances.
This only works with TCP.
Examples Suppose that all the scripts read data either from input file (option -i or from stdin if no file is given.Examples After a successful build, use the x10 publisher to light up a lamp, and run the artifacts publisher to save the build artifacts.# svn help import # Get help for any command # Add a new directory (with content) into the src dir on project1 # svn import /project1/newdir -m 'add newdir' Typical SVN commands # svn co # Checkout the most recent version # Tags and.Description No An optional description of the baseline.The device mapper uses labels to identify a partition.Workingdir No The directory in which the script or command is to be executed.# echo "alias /.bash_profile # or symlink to /usr/sbin # airport -z # Disassociate from wireless networks # airport -I # Get info from wireless network Many tools exist for Windows.Blogid Yes The "identifier" for your blog.PreBuildIncrementer No If true the property will be re-read from the property file prior to the build attempt and thus each build attempt will have the latest value of the property propertyfile Yes the property file to read.
For use over the network, the transport protocol must be specified.
onfailure x10 houseCode"A" deviceCode"3 antpublisher /antpublisher /onfailure top Provides the means to execute another publisher (or set of publishers) if and only if the current build was successful.
VersionRegex No A Regex11-style regular expression.Top Checks a single file on a web server supporting modification dates (such as Apache).Buildresultsurl Yes Email will include link to the build results.DSA key fingerprint is Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?Raise this number if your server has enough resources to build multiple projects simultaneously (especially useful on multi-processor systems).Attributes Attribute Required Description workingdir Either workingdir or repository location.