vault 34 armory key

Vault of the Warrior, houses an Eridian superweapon.
Patch changes Patch.0.4 Merged into the new Scarlet Halls instance.
In Playthrough 2 this unlocks access to a hay day game for windows third playthrough-like setting where every creature in Pandora will be advanced to maximum levels, regardless of whether The Destroyer is killed or not.The Vault is an enigmatic place that is drenched in myth and folklore.Borderlands 2 goes on to reveal that there is more than one Vault upon Pandora, as well as several other Vaults across the galaxy.The original intent of the corporations was to utilize the Vault technology for power and gain.The Guardian Angel reveals that in its home realm the Destroyer is indestructible, however it requires a host body to survive in this one and is vulnerable.She expresses regret for the deception, but insists that it was the only way to ensure that the Vault hunters would be well positioned to defeat the Destroyer.High Inquisitor Whitemane - a fearsome priestess whose guardians seem difficult, if not impossible, to fell in battle.
Popular myths and legends held that the Vault must contain something amazing.
Through her research, Tannis discovered that the Vault could be opened at a specific date that came every two hundred years by using a special key comprised of three puzzle-like fragments.
Has a Scarlet Tracking Hound following him.Those who could not afford to leave stayed behind, but the legends of the Vault remained.Even as the search continued and eventually waned, seasonal change on Pandora brought Summer upon the human inhabitants, and with it a new threat as the indigenous life awoke from hibernation and began to feed.Epilogue The Guardian Angel explains that she had known what the Vault contained and had guided the Vault hunters from the outset to protect the universe from the Destroyer.The Vault, fast Travel, the Vault, the Vault is believed to be a cache of alien technology hidden on the planet.