unit conversions practice 2

Quiz type: One-step conversions (convert to from base units, easier).
Sheet 1, sheet.Question 4, which is greater?Most of us can easily divide by 10, making this calculation much easier.How does this work?Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Liters and Milliliters Convert between liters (L) and milliliters (mL).In the game worms 2010 jar problem above, you can cancel two zeros on either side of the fraction: Note that the calculation then becomes 72 divided.Sheet 3, kilograms and Grams, standard worksheets based on conversion between kilogram and gram.Units: Common chemistry units only (g, m, L, J, Pa).
(mg, tiny task portable 1.45 cg, dg, g, dag, hg and kg).
Question 5, how many cubic feet are there in a room measuring 5m x 10m x 2m?
This page contains conversion worksheets on metric length, metric weight and metric capacity.
Question 3, which is greater: 45 kg or 2 photos in one frame editor 4500 g?45 miles or 63 km?Unit Conversions Test Questions, science, Tech, Math, science.This online quiz is intended to give you extra practice in converting SI units.Two-step conversions (convert to from units with prefixes, harder).First you have to convert your map measurements to measurements on the ground.Sheet 3, grab 'em All, type 2: Sheet 1, sheet.Finally, cancel the appropriate units (mm in this case) and multiply across the top and bottom.This means that conversions within the metric system involve moving zeros around.