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Bluefish Features, lightweight, Fast, multiple Tabs, project support.
October 18th, 2013 #4, re: Alternate for Dreamweaver on Ubuntu.
Take a look at these one: m/2009/07/28.x-html-editor i love Ubuntu but still use Windows for MS Office and Adobe products.
Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdevelopers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code.However, does not support Frames, Java, JavaScript, xslt, XForms, RSS, or Atom, with only partial support for CSS2.Gedit has most of what you 3d home design suite professional 5 want built into.A free editor may serve your needs, but may also be unsupported or require paid add-ons for full functionality.Visible marks, table/Cell resizing rulers, automated Spellchecker, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, linux Dreamweaver alternative Aptana Studio, aptana Studio is a professional, open source development tool for the open web.There is no FTP support, and it is not an intuitive interface, because many standard keys such as kis 2011 key file home and END do not move the cursor to the start and end of lines, as other editors.
Designed to drag and drop widgets including images, text, graphs, and more.
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How to find PHP Configuration file location in Linux 4 Powerful Tips to Secure Linux Server in CentOS.This follows the original vision of the Web as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium.Features a wysiwyg editor, spell checking, page preview, SVG, and MathML.Quanta Plus, a free, open source, Linux-based program, which closely resembles the Dreamweaver environment, with similar features for supporting JavaScript, CSS2, XForms, RSS, etc.If you are looking for an alternative to Dreamweaver in Linux, then here are list of application that you can use in Linux Operating System.It requires a plugin for SVN (Apache).Syntax highlighting, snippets, sftp support and anything else can be added as a plugin.