the walking dead season 4 episode 12 kaskus

"It's a one-way ticket for both of us Rosita warns of her latest act of stupidity.
"We're gonna fight the Saviours promises Rick at episode's end.
Daryl left his cell; Spencer sucked up to the Saviors (and even flirted with one Negan shaved off his stubble in front of Carl and Judith (always against the grain and Tara delivered the jerks lemonade to Olivia, even offering to take her place.In response, Negan noted that Rick was swallowing his hate and getting s done.At The Hilltop, Maggie and Sashas heroism had made them mega-popular and a real threat to Gregory.Eugene leads the Saviors cavalry to Alexandrias gates and makes a plea for Rick to fall back in line.But alas, the villain survived Hearts Still Beating.Since he didnt believe that shed made it herself, Negan ordered Arat to kill somebody, so the Savior swung around and shot Olivia.He taunts Rick once again and outlines his demands: all the guns, all the lemonade, a sacrifice for Lucille, Daryl, and the pool table with all its accessories.While the Kingdoms just-on-time arrival was to be expected, the Scavengers betrayal is the best twist the show has pulled off since first revealing that everyone who dies comes back as a walker.
This seals his fate, or seems to, at least, as Rick gives the nod for Rosita to set off the dynamite.
Their mission was successful; however, they were spotted by someone (perhaps the houseboats owner, who they assumed was deceased all we saw was a boot).
Eugene is Negan, he says.
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life written by Scott.
The surprise gives Negan a chance for another one of his monologues.
(He also got to change out of his prisoner drag.) Meanwhile, Richard stopped in at Carols just when Morgan was paying a house call.
Shes nearly choked out when she gets a hit in, but still not safe.But it fails, and Jadis puts a gun to Ricks head and the rest of the Scavengers follow suit.He hasn't, of course: the actual victim is a poor unfortunate deer highlighted none-too-subtly earlier in the scene.Enough time to rig up some dynamite outside the fences and get the Alexandrians in place alongside the Scavengers.Along the way were treated to some awesome action shots, particularly the pairings of Ezekiel and Carol and Rick and Morgan fighting alongside each other.The First Day of the Rest of Your Life opens with her listening to Hathaway and takes turns returning there, as well as to her at the Sanctuary, in a flashback with Maggie, and in another flashback with Abraham.Cut back to Alexandria, where Negan opens the coffin and is attacked by Walker Sasha.While the back half of this season was better than the first, it still suffered from those same issues.Why didnt Spencer just kill Rick himself and take over?MoreInfoHoverText existing_displayName - existing_provider : existing_siteName existing_createdDate moreInfoText existing_displayName created existing_createdDate at existing_siteName connectLegacyRadioText createRadioText current_provider, validating connect_button create_button.There's a moment in 'Say Yes' where Michonne (Danai Gurira) thinks her beloved Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has been devoured by zombies.By then, Spencer was warning Negan that Rick has a history of not playing well with others.Just hit 'Like' on our.And then theres you, the guy who waited for Rick to be gone to try and take his place.