the gunslinger demons and wizards

Long days and pleasant nights for you.
Done is done, yes, there will be no taking back.
The Gunslinger, demons And Wizards, songs to sing, song of Turtle.The last in line, the Gunslingers line, the sacrifice of innocence.And the Cry of the Bear.This work needs to be done.Save me, to touch the rose it will not bring release.Commala-come-ka, ka has come to me, grey old fellow.Save me, the final chord, dont let it end like keygen fallout new vegas this.No taking back, come save me, there are other worlds.What would it mean?Say thank your father for the beams are safe my friend.Your time goes by, fade away, fade.
Say thank, ya for the beams are safe my friend.
All hail to the Gunslinger, praise to the Dinh and the King.
Song of Turtle, and the Cry of the Bear.But surely none like this, the world has changed, done is done, yes, there will be no taking back.Beyond sothink logo maker with key our reach, out of control.Awake, i can sense it, still Im afraid, tower Road lies ahead.No, not like this, tell me, when things were finally getting out of hand.Every journey must come to an end.Its out of hand, entangled, I am captured, you have put a spell.Now blow the horn, hail to the gun!The word is the law Law is Ka The end of the road lies Straight ahead it lies Im feeling pure The end of the road lies.If you finally failed the test.Were getting near, were getting near, maid of sorrow.The sacrifice of innocence The hailing of the gun My way was death and madness Now let the tower come Done is done Yes, there will be no taking back And every journey must come to an end All hail to the Gunslinger Praise.Demons Wizards - Touched by the, crimson King.(vk ok fb tw gp).