splitsvilla season 8 episode 19

Later, the Queen, Subuhi chooses to abandon her throne.
First, the HQ session takes place, followed by a task.In the end, Dimple is betrayed by Ashish as he dumps her.Season 8, Episode 8: Episode #8.8 The 'Splitsvillans' have a chance to save themselves from getting dumped by winning as a couple.The competition was neck to neck!Season 7, Episode 19: Episode #7.19 It's time to decide the final 2 nerve vsti serial number couples to compete for the title of Ultimate King and Queen.Unnati, Palak, and Savita are eliminated.Season 4, Episode 9: Episode #4.9 i dumps Vartika at the beginning of the show.Season 8, Episode 3: Episode #8.3 lisha, Enakshi and Harshita get dumped.
Season 6, Episode 10: Episode #6.10 plitsvillans participate in a South Indian tradition where they have to recognize their partner in an interesting way.
With their game-play at stake, the boys need to sell used items and make money.
The 2 then compete for the 'Queen' title.You may add a new episode for this TV series by clicking the 'add episode' button.Season 8, Episode 12: Episode #8.12 19 September 2015 The boys in the dumping zone compete with each other in a 'Bull fight' for immunity.Later, a pool date is arranged for the girls with the King.Later, the princesses and their partners compete in a game to win the Golden Bracelet.Later, the boys compete in a dance competition to be safe from the dumping zone.