sims 3 pc mods

It also says what kind of a plant it is!
Dexter is a serial killer, which minecraft texture pack editor 1.5.2 can dispose your sims at your command.
Mod digital camera audio recording for The Sims 3 game, created by billzico.
This mod will stop it for the better goodness.Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc.Btw this also includes pet abortions which i dont support -_-, oh and if your interested in natural miscarriages, check out.Also as the author says it only works with the latest patch.55.Mod for, the Sims 3 game, created by, cheapncheerful.Get a Gardener to maintain your garden.With this mod you could make sims commit assisted suicide or make them become a surrogate mother.Mod for The Sims 3 game, created by RoguePilot.Let the psychopath slash/stab a sim with a hammer or poker.
You know when your sim takes a shower or when they poop, a mosaic tile hides their privates.
But fortunately its available.
The hospital overhaul mod seems to provide everything but it does not give a chance for sims 3 to perform abortions.
Were back and have some brilliant mods for you to take a look.
Mod for, the Sims 3 game, created by elloko54.
It will say that it needs wapin best shooter game water, weeding, fertilizer.Remember, we love to hear the communities picks so keep them coming by using this handy form.Top 10 Realistic Mods for Sims.A sim turned into ice Ever wanted your sims to be that mafia, a murderer maybe?Mod for, the Sims 3 game, created by, electronic Arts.The pose player enables your sim to pose according to your wishes.