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Despite the new revenue stream, Claris did little to market HyperCard.
Retrieved 16 February 2015.There was some confusion between this version and the Player, that had people trying unsuccessfully to type 'magic' in the message box of the Player.Device-to-Device Communication TWedge can be operated as converter between different protocols or interfaces (e.g.Main quick Reference updated January 13, 2016 / Posted September 30, 2005.Adding scripts is also easy.In 1992, Apple released the eagerly anticipated upgrade of HyperCard.2 and made many HyperCard enthusiasts happy by including licensed versions of Color Tools and Addmotion II, adding support for color pictures and animations.BeeHive Technologies siemens hipath 1150 manual offered a hardware interface that allowed the computer to control external devices.The above mentioned terms: character, word, first, last, after, and into, among many others, offer English-like control over the ability to crunch numbers and parse text, down to the character level.For example, buttons are a type of object, and come in standard styles.
At first the freely-distributed versions of HyperCard shipped with authoring disabled.
Unlike conventional plug-ins, these did not require separate installation before they were available for use; they could be included in a stack, where they were directly available to scripts in that stack.
Externals allow access to the Macintosh Toolbox, which contained many lower level commands and functions not native to HyperTalk, such as control of the serial and ADB ports.
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