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E-mail, : New Opportunities Elementary Student's Book Mini-Dictionary, new Opportunities Elementary Student's Book Mini-Dictionary.
Module 9 Holidays, module 10 Culture, module 11 Image.Sections combine study skills with consolidation to encourage students to learn more effectively.New design and layout makes the course even easier to follow.Module 3 Around Town, module 4 Going Places, module 5 History.Module 12 Celebrities, module 13 Volunteers, module 14 Shopping.New activities and tasks present, practise and extend the language in meaningful contexts.New Pronunciation boxes develop ear-training skills.New Mini-checks allow students to monitor their progress.Module 6 Telling Stories, module 7 Healthy Living, module 8 Sports.
New reading and listening texts bring the real world to the classroom.
Students ' Book mini dictionary.
New Cutting Edge: Elementary : Student 's Book (with Mini-, dictionary )Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor.
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