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2008 X3: Terran Conflict Egosoft Sci-fi OSX, WIN Sequel to X3: Reunion.
Setting, platform, notes 1963, intopia, modern, various 1973, lemonade Stand.
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Build your dream park with unlimited funds in "Sandbox" mode.Pizza Syndicate ) Software 2000 Modern WIN Sequel to Pizza Tycoon.2004 Holiday World Island Modern WIN 2004 John Deere: American Farmer Gabriel Modern WIN 2004 Lemonade Tycoon 2 Jamdat Modern MAC, WIN Sequel to Lemonade Tycoon.20: Treasures, Monsters and Pirates Max Historical WIN Expansion to Anno 1503: The New World.2003 SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon Deep Red Modern WIN 2003 Tropico 2: Pirate Cove Frog City Historical OSX, WIN 2003 Vegas Tycoon Deep Red Modern WIN 2003 Wildlife Park JoWood, Encore Modern WIN First title in the series.2003 Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Blue Tongue Sci-fi PS2, WIN, Xbox 2003 Mall Tycoon 2 Fusion Digital, Virtual Playground Modern WIN Sequel to Mall Tycoon.1999 X: Beyond the Frontier Egosoft Sci-fi WIN First title in the series.2003 Car Tycoon Vectorcom Modern WIN 2003 Casino, serial key maker pro Inc: The Management Hothouse Modern WIN Expansion to Casino, Inc.2004 Railroad Tycoon 3: Coast to Coast PopTop Historical WIN Expansion to Railroad Tycoon.
Dyno Tycoon ) Monte Cristo Sci-fi WIN 2002 Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon!
Video Card: Any ATI Radeon or GeForce 2 with 32MB or higher; or other video card with 32MB and hardware T L (ATI Radeon 64 MB SDR or GeForce 2 Pro or other video card with 64 MB or more memory and hardware.
2003 Airport Tycoon 2 Sunstorm Modern WIN Sequel to Airport Tycoon.
2002 Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania Blue Fang Modern WIN Expansion to Zoo Tycoon.Pizza Connection ) Software 2000 Modern AMI, DOS, WIN First title in the series.Consultants Ltd Modern ZX, BBC 1984 Millionaire Incentive Software Modern ZX, BBC 1984 Mugsy Melbourne House Historical ZX 1984 The Biz Virgin Games Modern ZX 1985 Make Millions Tom Snyder Productions Modern MAC 1985 Stockmarket Amsoft/Argus Press Software Modern CPC 1986 Mugsy's Revenge Beam Historical.See breathtaking park vistas including realistic sunsets, moonlight, weather patterns and more.1999 RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies Chris Sawyer Modern WIN Expansion to RollerCoaster Tycoon.