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Just right-click on anything in the list to see the option.
If you have replaced Task Manager with Process Explorer you will find the option Restore Task Manager under Options in the main menu of Process Explorer.
Right-click the handle in the lower pane and choose the option Close Handle.Those options include: Window has options including Bring to Front, which can be useful to help identify the window associated with a process.The same is true for spoolsv.First note that there are two ways of displaying the list of processes in Process Explorer (three actually to be completely accurate) which you can toggle by clicking on the Process bar above the list which switches between alphabetical, reverse alphabetical and one view that.But how well do you really know this utility?The light blue processes are those run by the same account that started Process Explorer.The first time you run it, youll be asked to accept the VirusTotal terms of use, but after you do so, you will see the VirusTotal results show up right there in the list.Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory naruto shippuden vs pain episode open?You can customize these columns and add many other options, or you can just click on any of the columns to sort by that field.
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Using Process Explorer to Quickly Search VirusTotal If you are working on a problem PC and want to figure out if a process is a virus, you can save yourself some time by using Process Explorer version 16 or above, because theyve added VirusTotal integration.When a process is killed or closes it will usually flash red right before deleting.Learn More, here are some other handle and DLL viewing tools and information available at Sysinternals: The case of the Unexplained.Set Priority you can use this to configure the priority of a process.In this video, Mark describes how he has solved seemingly unsolvable system and application problems on Windows.Another useful column when researching svchost.Sysinternals Process Explorer Forum.