power season 2 episode 6

The principal brings up the fact that Tariq has mentioned that his dad is not home.
Angela lets her have her fun for a while, but not before demanding Holly provide actual proof Jamie.
Of course Tasha isnt trying to hear that and takes the advice with a grain of salt.
On episode 6, ghost finds himself trappe d in a new business v enture.Holly then tries to move heaven and earth to get the Feds off her back only to have her efforts backfire.Ghost opens up to Angela about the problems going on with Tariq and him lashing out and him not being there to help him.Angela immediately thinks its because of her but Jamie reassured her that its not her fault.Greg was basically looking at her like riiiigghhhht you were home.Tommy jokingly tells her hes too smart to get shot and hes too smart get caught, prison is for assholes.
The tone changes for a bit when Ghost brings up Tommy and Angelas ears point.
Chambers points out domestic transitions can harm kids in ways that are unseen.
Tasha leaves the meeting visibly salty but deep down she knows Ghost needs to be around those kids especially Tariq.
Holly asks Tommy where he was and of course he opens his big mouth uttering the name Ghost around her telling her he was making money with him.Read: exclusive: Watch Tasha And Shawn Get Cozy In Tonights Episode of Power.Holly expresses concern and tells Tommy she wants him to be careful when him and Ghost are working.The brief interrogation is interrupted by a text from Jamie asking Angela if they are still on for lunch.Emotionally paralyzed and unsure if the man she loves is a good guy trapped in an ugly world, Angela gives Holly a chance to provide substantial evidence that proves Jamie is Lobos distributor.Theres nothing a woman wont do to protect the man she loves.She moves the hunt for the gun tipard m2ts converter for mac to Tommys car.Tommy vouches for Dre and his man crush on Kanan is on full display when he tells Ghost that Kanan spoke for him and he was right like always.