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work done as was instead.
#2877 13:24 * mib_goifap has joined #minecrafthelp #2878 13:25 mib_goifap lol #2879 13:25 VajraX I'll have to reinstall all mods, correct?It will auto-say my name #4414 17:24 Jordo45 it's lagging up right now though #4415 17:24 * neen has joined #minecrafthelp #4416 17:24 lildrummerdrew like I type hel and hit tab.P #3063 13:54 KiikunJanus "hmm.#4672 18:21 DreadLindwyrm Yeah, both ways, but as the check shows, it's not responding right.And did u see: you came out best in the pics, especially Janin!#1056 03:42 Viking667 lemon-rev:.
#4008 16:04 TheNytangel almostroot, what?
I want you to remove my name off the job here.
okam6U okify8 : Me: 12:29 PM: Lucy, per my earlier SMS to Janin of except maybe for texting via GV; easy2test, Ive just turned off your wifi on your phone to see if you can receive this SMS, coming in thru your GV app.
#4347 17:17 VoxelHead bot: I am sometimes a bot, but sometimes a sock-puppet.
I am running in Chrome, not a downloaded version.
Thx incl 2participation of 8 of u joining.
#2670 12:58 UNspokenHero windows 7 64 bit #2671 12:58 SeeD419 better yet, do you know what graphics chip you have?#2021 11:12 almostroot Calinou: Nope.You can ensure the server is working locally by used the address localhost but that does;t check that other people can connect.I just tried it and it still wont start #2547 12:45 * mib_9nlk9k has joined #minecrafthelp #2548 12:45 SeeD419 Java problem.It should be fixed.So then why would you mention the need?Didnt do a javara yet.Make sure that there is an exception for Minecraft in your firewall, both the default Windows Firewall and any anti-virus program you may use.#495 01:50 Tagger24 go into joel rosenberg audio books any folder #496 01:50 The_First_Gamer.minecraft #497 01:50 Tagger24 and on the left hand panel with the navigation shit #498 01:50 The_First_Gamer Which you access from appdata #499 01:50 Tagger24 click on ur user #500 01:50 The_First_Gamer *appdata #501 01:50 Tagger24.