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#1583 07:42 VoxelHead mib_dbu3rp: (win/reinst) To do so, press your WindowsR keys, type in AppData at the dialog, and press Enter.
#14 00:05 Wug Deke: is this classic or beta #15 00:05 mib_zsk5uu when i try to run minecraft i log in fine and it just goes black and i have no minecraft files any were #16 00:06 Deke beta #17 00:06 Deke i believe #18.
#1424 07:17 EstJoel lemon-rev?
#1688 08:09 lemon-rev frogaincia goto px select desktop step.
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#1334 06:08 Calinou your level.
#1523 07:34 trumedia may I ask where it would be #1524 07:34 lemon-rev trumedia check your antivirus and see if its being blocked please #1525 07:34 * SaymenX has joined #minecrafthelp #1526 07:34 lemon-rev trumedia check where the time on your computer is displayed #1527.#1543 07:36 Calinou pretty sure it's poorly coded #1544 07:36 trumedia odd irt millenivea #1545 07:36 Calinou uh #1546 07:36 trumedia i cant spell #1547 07:36 Calinou link?#1386 06:57 EstJoel you can make a nicname in some servers though #1387 06:57 EstJoel morrolan, huh?#1674 08:04 VoxelHead frogaincia: (win/dxdiag) Open the file you just saved, and copy the contents.PC games free download, download free full game, full version game, download free games for PC, free download game, game download, GamezGenre).#1651 08:01 frogaincia everytime i try to run it, it just black #1652 08:01 frogaincia no box no nothing, nothing pops up #1653 08:01 lemon-rev frogaincia uninstall java / reinstall it m #1654 08:01 mib_dbu3rp my java is java(TM) 6 update 26 #1655 08:01 frogaincia.#167 00:54 Zach_is_epic yea so if u type that in on minecraft it should bring up my server?#1693 08:10 Morrolan lemon-rev: #1694 08:10 LibeRatioNZzXx oh yer there correct #1695 08:11 Morrolan lemon-rev: Checked the hosts file already?#1499 07:28 VoxelHead LibeRatioNZzXx: (win/dxdiag) Open the file you just saved, and copy the contents.#1629 07:56 lemon-rev and what version of java did you get?#169 00:55 Viking667 possibly, yes.#1401 07:01 Morrolan Yep, nothing I can do about that error though, because I'm not familiar with the Craftbukkit codebase, so I've got no clue why it might throw this error.#1615 07:54 * pico has joined #minecrafthelp #1616 07:54 onowtjem look now i reinstalled drivers for graphics card and it works now #1617 07:54 onowtjem but do i have to instal the drivers everytime i want to play ( #1618 07:54 mib_dbu3rp it just comes.#1633 07:57 mib_dbu3rp don't know #1634 07:57 lemon-rev mib_dbu3rp windows?