outlook 2010 insert attachment default folder

The article explains how to add a registry entry so that when you save an attachment, the Save Attachment dialog opens to the default location that you specify.
Add to Quick Access An easy, low tech way to use a favorite folder: pin the most used folders to Quick Access.For example, we ought to force Outlook not o mestre dos games to download pictures from unknown contacts.Then in Word, go to file menu and select Options.To change the path that the Office applications use for Open and Saving files, and Outlook uses for.However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly.Secondly, know where you can locate flv to vcd mpeg converter Scanpst.
If you use imap email accounts in Outlook you will soon find that all of your messages will be stored in a separate folder (see example below) and accessing the imap Inbox will require that you find and select the folder in order to view.
Double-click, personal in the right pane.
More importantly, once we recognize any emails as junks, we should make full use of Junk Email Filter to block them forever.Then you have to click through to navigate to the folder where you like to save your files.Next under Save documents label, locate Default file Location field.Best Regards, Sally Tang.Userprofilemy Documents, would set it to the My Documents folder on a computer that had more than one user profile.When you open a new mail message and attach a file, best blacklist full version the.