need for speed rivals gameplay pc

Within the snooker 8 ball pool games confines of its map you can take in parched deserts and lush vineyards, upmarket seaside promenades and snowy mountain passes.
Its cars are noisy creatures, always ready to race look closely and youll see beads of moisture dripping down the bodywork, as if the cars physically exerted itself.It provides a welcome change of pace after the urban sprawl of Most Wanted, though I came to really miss those concrete labyrinths when I was outrunning the cops.And very occasionally, I did find myself being spotted by the cops even though Id seemingly given them the slip, which was slightly frustrating.(Were a long way from the narrative pretensions of the woeful NFS: The Run.) Whether cop or racer, each chapter is structured around a speed list, which is little more than a series of objects.Rivals is tremendous fun, for a while, but once I got to grips with its weapons, unlocked more of its ridiculous cars, and became intimately acquainted with the map, it didnt have a lot more to really show.
Rivals takes place in the fictional Redview County, which has probably the most diverse geography imaginable.
Most Wanted encouraged you to explore its train tunnels and jump off rooftops, but Rivals keeps you firmly on track.
The Fast Blue Line.
Hot Pursuits high-speed races with the cops already on your tail are definitely the pick of the available events.
Rivals is eager to get you behind the wheel and onto the tarmac, giving a welcomed crack cabela's dangerous hunts sense of urgency, and one of the best things about it is the ease with which you can switch between playing as a cop or a racer.Risk everything in the ultimate high stakes rivalry.And while it may not be the most densely populated of landscapes, theres always something to catch the eye.Weather effects are equally impressive.There are no billboards bearing patch football manager 2014 your friends faces to crash through, no super cars squirrelled away, and fewer jumps than previous games.By comparison, playing as a cop just feels a little staid.No matter which side of the law you choose, theres a garage full of high-powered super cars ranging from Aston Martins to Ferraris waiting for you.By, daniel Krupa, when fleeing from a pack of cops at 150mph through a forest after midnight, I found it difficult not to be excited by Need for Speed: Rivals and then a helicopters searchlight pours in through the trees for an additional adrenaline kick.Play as either a cop or racer, where each side of the law has its own set of high stakes challenges, rewards and consequences.Each stretch of road is crammed with various challenges, including standard races and time trials, new cars to shut down, and records to smash.But for all of its gorgeous scenery, I found Redview a slightly less fun and secret-filled place to explore.The story is intentionally incidental.Torrential downpours clog up the screen, while sometimes at night youll flashes of lightning illuminated the highly-textured road surface.