mysql server 5.1 command line client

To see the full list, use mysqld -verbose -help.
Use of the -plugin prefix for plugin options is recommended to avoid any question of ambiguity.
shared-memory Enable shared-memory connections by local clients.See Section, Using Symbolic Links for Databases on Windows.log-error file_name Log errors and startup messages to this file.Applications that perform a lot of memory accesses may obtain performance improvements by using large pages due to reduced Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) misses.Up vote 84 down vote, best practice would be to mysql -u root -p.This option is available only on Windows.
On Unix and Unix-like systems, the port number must be 1024 or higher unless the server is started by the root system user.
enable-pstack This option is nonfunctional.
Thus, the -innodb_file_per_table option for InnoDB can be specified as -plugin-innodb_file_per_table.
(Bug#40825) * A multiple-table delete involving a table self-join could cause a server crash.
For example, if you bind to, you can connect to the server using all existing accounts.
Lang_name can be given as the language name or as the full path name to the directory where the language files are installed.For more information, see Section, Engine Condition Pushdown Optimization.innodb- xxx Set an option for the InnoDB storage engine.If program startup fails due to reading unknown options from an option file, -no-defaults can be used to prevent them from being read.install-manual service_name (Windows only) Install the server as a Windows service that must be started manually.You can also set the values of server system variables at server startup by using variable names as options.This option accepts several paths that are used in round-robin fashion.The option in /etc/f is found before any other -user options, which ensures that the server runs as a user other than root, and that a warning results if any other -user option is found.Section.2.3, Specifying Program Options.If you intend to bind the server to a specific address, be sure that the er grant table contains an account with administrative privileges that you can use connect to that address.ON enables delayed key writes for those tables that were created with the delay_KEY_write option.Beginning with MySQL.1.17, it also suppresses scheduled If this option is enabled, a user cannot create new MySQL users by using the grant statement unless the user has the insert privilege for the er table or any column in the table.If Debug Sync is not compiled in, this option is not available.