make image background transparent corel photo paint

When you do this, you will remove the checkmark that you see beside the name Learning Center.
4 Go to Select Feather to soften your selection.Once your image file is overwritten, it is gone for good if that was your only copy.Things You'll Need Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or gimp A digital image of adequate resolution A drawing tablet is a recommended tool to make precise selections.You can capture a part of a picture or all of a picture.If you can't see the folder that Smiley is in, click on Browse More Folders (or simply click on the plus sign ( ) beside Browse More Folders ).
GIF89a supports animation as well as single color transparency.
Although it continues to improve and add features, it has remained easy to use by keeping its simple interface.
An even better method would be to select the layers, choose Layer Smart Objects Convert to Smart Object and then duplicate this smart object via Layer Duplicate Layer or ctrlj ( cmdj on Mac).Even better than undo!2 Zoom in on your subject(s) so that you can see the edges clearly.If you gave the transparent image its own name, you can see both the original awr microwave office 2010 crack f image and the one with the transparent background in the Organizer palette at the bottom of the screen.Set the zoom to see the entire image on your monitor; this will help you get an idea of where to make your selections.This is also known as the Venetian Blind load effect.