line of duty season 2 episode 6

Glock 17 The Glock 17 is used by various characters in the series.
Katies collected enough pictorial evidence of the doctors treatment session to buy his silence, and they take BB back to his old, alien-ravaged home.
It sounded like a bag of chips being stepped.An ex-military cadet dropout opens fire at ncis agents near the end of "Reign Fall" (S6E10).McGregor never hit the floor during the match, but he hasbro the game of life full version was stumbling and looked gassed as the match was called.One was used by Afghan National Army soldier Kamal Pajman ( Dominic Adams ) near the end of "Savoir Faire" (S6E17).Charlie Connors ( Sean Harmon ) aims what appears to be a Beretta at Sam in "Rage" (S6E20).Heckler Koch MP5A2 A Heckler Koch MP5A2 with a taclight attached on the foregrip is seen next to the FN F2000 Tacticals in Ray Turner's armory in "Seal Hunter" (S6E06).Smith Wesson Model 10 with three inch barrel and round butt -.38 Special.ATF swat officers fire at isis terrorists near the end of "Forest for the Trees" (S6E14).It is a criminal sect with Charles Manson, who is the leader.
Note that the screenshot is flipped around to show the markings in "Inelegant Heart" (S6E02).
Harrison Goodsell is seen in a CIA SAD photo in "The Grey 2011 audi navigation update Man" (S6E08).
Anyone that would have hit the bridge will hit the sign.
Colt Model 1878 reproduction - 12 Gauge Milton takes aim with the shotgun at the ncis agents in Tijuana, Mexico in "Black Budget" (S6E05).
The Glock 17 in the hands of Granger in "The Grey Man" changes to a Glock 19 in a slight bit of continuity error.
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A Cobray M11/9 is fired at G and Sam by an arms dealer during a firefight in Tijuana, Mexico in "Black Budget" (S6E05).Jabrill aims his Glock 17 at the bow in "Deep Trouble.2" (S6E01).MP5K-PDW with its extended barrel with 3 lugs folding stock - 9x19mm An assassin holds his Heckler Koch MP5K-PDW while searching Hetty's house in "Praesidium" (S6E03).You are welcome, need to file an extension for 2012 taxes back to login, forgot Password.Glock 19 Mattias Draeger ( J├╝rgen Prochnow ) uses a Glock 19 as his main sidearm throughout "The Third Choir" (S6E04).Ncis Special Agent Sam Hanna (.He fancies Will a bloodhound, you see, and theres no point in teaching a dog to use a computer.Unfortunately, the file is unreadable on ordinary computers, so Will decides hell brave the viper den at his Homeland office with his snake charmer skills and see if he can access it through one of their computers.