league of legends no cd hack

Poke A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position.
Tower hugging To stay near the tower to deter enemy champions from attacking them.Queue dodge To shut down the game client or disconnect from the internet during the champion selection process to avoid playing the match.To capture a capture point, typically the middle one, which is sword coast adventures guide pdf close to the enemy fountain and surrounded by two other enemy capture points.Glass cannon A champion/build that is high in damage but low in defense.Freezing Freezing the lane is a very advanced technique that is very efficient.Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turret or H-28Q Apex Turret.
Minion wave A group of minions spawned together once at a time.
Wombo combo When teammates effectively and consecutively chain together their abilities on enemy champions.
Away From Keyboard: a player who is not currently in control of their champion in a match.
A kill lane is usually attempted in the bottom lane.An ability that brings the enemy closer to you (e.g.Hard leash To aid the allied jungler by attacking a monster and reducing its health greatly and allowing the ally to deal the last hit.PD Phantom Dancer Peeling To use CC abilities to stop enemy champions from attacking an allied champion.There is also autofill - when a player is forced to fill for lanes even if he didn't selected Fill as an option, this is usually done at certain times of day where there are very few players to match in the new champion select.Knockup Disabling the target by sending them into the air.The best we love using this tool, however, is the truth that it always updates its already have long list of official serial keys with even more new product keys every day.FB First Blood: the first kill of the game.Blue Team: the group of players that start out at the lower left side of Summoner's Rift or Howling Abyss, or on the left side of Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.