kimi ni todoke episode 15

Title: Raibaru Rival, date Aired:, previous Episode.
Yano, Yoshida, Endo, and Hirano convince Sawako to call them by their first names.
Ryuu then goes to find Chizuru at docks where she was the last time they played with Tooru before he moved out.
Later, at Chizuru's house, Ryuu comes into her room unexpectedly.I would have been ok with her but because of that, i am not at all!Kazehaya follows her after she ran off, and she explains that she didn't take it seriously, when Kazehaya thought she did.Pin finally finds Sawako, and after Sawako tells Pin that she has been rejected by Kazehaya, Pin tries to cheer her.Chizuru finally realizes that the girl Kazehaya likes is Sawako, and Ayane and Chizuru argue on why it's such a problem.Ayane (Yano) teases Kazehaya by asking him to call Sawako by her first name, which he can't.Kazehaya gets mad and tells Kento that he does the things he does for a reason.She finds out she can go, so her friends convince her to call Kazehaya and invite him as well.
Sawako finds Kazehaya waiting for her, and he asks her if he was too conceited to consider himself as her closest male friend (due to Kento's previous display of closeness towards her).
Kimi ni Todoke manga series by, karuho Shiina.
Outside, Kazehaya finds Kento waiting for him.She decides to practice on her own, but is not allowed to borrow a soccer ball.He watches her work from the classroom window.Sawako is seen crying for Kurumi's situation and promises to herself that she will treasure Kazehaya always, as a way to honor Kurumi.She genuinely smiles, making Kazehaya feel lonely as she is now barbie dress up game for pc fitting in the class without his help, wifi password hacking software cnet and surprises Kento that she is able to smile normally.