introductory mining engineering pdf

Semester 1, mI1003 Mineralogy and Geology I, mI1013 Surveying.
CM2903-A Communications II Model A *Field School I: MI3043 Surveying II, MI3163 Mineralogy and Geology III.
The major topics include vectors, moments, couples and distributed loads.
CV2015 Engineering Materials and Testing, iN2304 CAD II, mA2016 Mathematics.Students also learn several methods to solve differential equations including first and second order.MI2043 Mining II (Surface Mining) This course introduces basic engineering principles used for the design and development of surface quake 4 cd key generator mines.The principles of conservation of energy, Bernoullis, Hazen-Williams and Darcy-Weibach equations will be fully explored.MA3014 Mathematics III This is an introductory calculus course where the students learn the language of calculus and apply the rules to simple engineering problems.SU2003 Plane Survey I This course is a continuation of Surveying Principles.Students will be required to layout a curve-a-linear roadway design to fit a set traverse.These concepts are then applied to the solution of engineering problems.
Students are also introduced to environmental regulatory requirements, best practices, monitoring and reporting.
CV3006 Strength of Materials This is the study of the behaviour of materials (such as steel, aluminium, copper, wood) when subjected to various types of loads.
Students will acquire a good understanding of limit states design of structural steel in accordance with CAN/SAC-S16 9 (or the latest edition) and CSA G40.21 grade 350 W, timber design in accordance with CSA 086 09 (or the latest edition), engineering design in wood (LSD).
Academic prerequisites for this program may be obtained free of charge through Academic Upgrading.
Co-requisite: MA100 Mathematics I CH1033 Chemistry Recommended Co-Requisite: MA1100.
There are 30 lessons.
Prerequisites: MI1033 Introduction to Mining, MA1100 Mathematics I and MI6053.The theory and calculations for horizontal and vertical curves will also be included.CV2005 Municipal Design I This course focuses on the principles of fluids mechanics and the practicality of a water distribution system and treatment.Communications I is a practical course designed to help strengthen both oral and written skills.Prerequisite: MI1003 Mineralogy and Geology I Semester 3 MI3002 Safety and Loss Control (half-semester course) This is a half-semester course.Students will also study cross-sectional elements, draft roadway cross-sections and calculate volumes using average-end-areas.Semester 4 MI1004 Mineral Processing I This course is a prerequisite for MI4043 MI3053 Mining Economics (half-semester course) This course reviews basic financial mathematics and introduces the concepts of discounted cash flows, rate-of-return, sensitivity and risk analyses.Grade 12 Physics (C, U) recommended.MI3033 Mining III (Underground Mining mI3093 Surveying III, mI4004 Mineralogy and Geology.Semester 1, aR1016 Methods and Materials I/Detailing, this course describes in detail the material and construction techniques required for quality residential construction.Evaluation of equipment replacement alternatives, including buy versus lease and the effects of taxation and capital expenditure depreciation on mine project cash flows are also discussed.The project must be presented in accordance with required industrial or engineering standards.The Mining Engineering Technician program requires two Field School components to be completed on-site in Haileybury.