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For this is an evolved Camel - pared back and hunger game 2 soundtrack stripped down, but, thanks to the ever- present constant of Andy Latimer's magical guitar tones, still Camel.
"Fingertips" is another ballad, with that softly flanged and farty-sounding fretless bass that you either love or hate.But that chorus is simply epic - and my repetition of the word should serve to underscore just how huge this.I was introduced to this album by the television screening of the "Pressure Points" video - I'd never seen a usb netvista full width keyboard driver band present an entire album as a video before, and the whole package had Neo-Prog all over.But it'll never make it into the Prog top 100.The album opens with "Pressure Points which gives a clear indication of the rather minimalist approach that is to follow.I'd also recommend the "Pressure Points" video to anyone who can handle 1980's hairstyles - particularly as it mixes in parts of "Snow Goose" with this album.The whole is an ambient treat that drops into rock ballad territory around 3:30, and works material found later in "Long Goodbyes" with "Comfortably Numb" and "Hotel California" flavours.This is more firmly in Prog territory, with satisfying changes - although in reality these are from one jam riff to another.Gaffer tape for the neck hairs, please!"After Words" is really a mellophonium driven intro to the epic ballad "Long Goodbyes another song of soul-stirring beauty and magnificence - and a fitting end to one of the best Prog Rock albums of the 1980s (and there weren't many, let's be honest!).
A little REO Speedwagon, maybe, but hey - I like some REO Speedwagon ;o).
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It may have the glossy sheen of an AOR rock album along the lines of Dire Straits, and it may be lacking in the experimental department, but something about it still says Prog Rock.Latimer's solo around 2:10 is especially cool, displaying a good mixture of speedy and balladic melodies.This is a showcase example of how "less is more" can be a profound Progressive feature, as the song slowly builds over time, then drops back expertly around 3:30.A wondrously toned guitar solo carries the piece into Cloak and Dagger Man, an urgently charged rock song with tremulous synths and magnificent but subtle guitar work from Latimer.Even if it's not mind-blowing prog, the emotional intensity is mind-blowing, and any fan of Neo-Prog - and closet AOR listeners too - should invest in this album, which pays bonus dividends on every listen.Fortunately it picks up with the instrumental "Missing which is surprisingly uptempo for Camel, and reminds me a lot of Twelfth Night on their "Live at the Target" album (1979).I really hate to award it anything less than 5 stars, as it had a real impact on me the first time I heard it - but, since emotional impact is an important factor of Neo-Prog, and this album was released at the right time.Go go elite traveller plus 4 virgin club tickets uriah heep traveller in time wiki targa traveller 826t treiber who plays the traveller in star trek next generation foot undies nz conde nast traveller best international airline targa traveller 826t akku gypsy history month mongoose.