focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp

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The VRM system has simple controls for selecting room, listening position and speaker type.Focusrite saffire PRO 24 DSP Downloads.It also features midi input and output connectors, and comes with Ableton Live Lite 7, Novation's Bass Station synthesizer, over a friends season 7 episode 12 gigabyte of samples, and the Focusrite FX Suite (AU/VST plugins which includes a compressor, gate, reverb and.Most importantly, the soundstage does 'appear' to be in front of the listener rather than through the middle of the head, and that alone is a very significant advantage when it comes to mixing.Different sub-sets of speakers are available to each room, but the list includes models based on typical current project studio monitors from the likes of Adam, Genelec, Quested and KRK, plus the Yamaha and Auratone sealedbox classics, and a few oddities like a Creative computer desktop system.
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Much of the underlying hardware and control software is common across the range, with the same preamp circuitry and similar routing and mixing functions in fact, the only physical difference between the Pro 24 and the Pro 24 DSP is the addition of a second headphone.
Nothing in this list of options has a bass driver larger than eight inches, and none are more than twoway configurations either.
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The onboard reverb processor can accept a contribution from any of the input channels, and each of the eight independent mixes from the software application can include the reverb output through a dedicated stereo return fader.
The downloads is developed and published by Focusrite for Audio and Sound.The idea of 'virtual monitoring' isn't new, of course, and there have been several convolution or modellingbased binaural headphone systems that aim to bring the natural acoustics of a real monitoring environment into the realm of headphones.But that's not really what's on offer here.Apparently there are plans afoot to analyse more sophisticated monitoring systems for use within more upmarket VRMequipped products in the future.Having said all that, I'm told that this first VRM system is being introduced as a 'proof of concept' and that, as an entrylevel device, the boffins at Focusrite felt that this initial set of virtual monitors was appropriate to the target market.Focusrite saffire PRO 24 DSP Driver is listed for Focusrite saffire PRO 24 DSP Audio and Sound.