episode 9 season 4 the walking dead

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Carl shouts at him to revive him, attracting nearby walkers.As he gets more and more comfortable in the chair, he's showing more of a willingness to think big and to think small at the same time.The Walking Dead will make good use of those.1 telecast for the night among adults 18-49, beating even the Sochi Winter Olympics.The Governor david Morrissey Rick also deals with old wounds as he is in desperate need to rest and heal.4.9 After, the prison is in flames, with the fences battered down and zombies wandering the grounds.The plot for this episode is very similar to "Volume 9 "Issue #49" and "Issue #50" of the comic book series.He sees Rick crawling towards him and moaning, and fearing his father has become a walker, turns his gun on him.
Katla McGlynn of The Huffington Post summarized the episode by saying: "Phew!
Kondolojy, Amanda (February 11, 2014).
Otherwise, it was just characters walking around and killing zombies.I wanted to like the episode a lot more than I did, because I think it was making an effort to both deliver a message and reintroduce us to the danger of this world by showing us how it can break even the sturdiest survivors.The episode ends with her knocking on the front door of the house they're.We see Michonne going through the woods, she kills a fuckton of zombies, then finds places that we saw Rick and Carl in at the beginning of the episode.Rick sees what Carl has done to protect and sustain them, and apologizes for his behavior, and believes Carl is now a man.From this episode onwards, The Walking Dead began airing file shredder reviews 2012 in the United Kingdom, a day after its United States airdate, instead of five days after.There's still a lot of room to grow, even though it feels like the season is about over.Perhaps we should call this Season.Nicotero has a great sense for the visual, and he frames some great shots, particularly of Carl when he's leading some walkers down a deserted street and when Rick and Carl go house-to-house looking for food and a safe place to settle down for.( Bob ) are also absent, but are credited as "also starring".