enve ses 3.4 tubular review

Highs: Light, stiff, wide, aero but stable; great braking in the update cubase 4 to 7 dry and the wet; tubeless compatible and designed specifically for 25mm tires.
My colleague Jamie says the new.4s are "probably the best all-round wheelset I've ridden.My colleague Jamie Wilkins (Procycling) and I first tested the wheels in Arizona, then took them home to England and Colorado, respectively."Additionally the rim structure is more efficient with the internal nipples, external nipples require bigger holes, more material, etc.".The rigid carbon hoops are laced to Chris King R45 hubs with Sapim CX Ray spokes.In crosswinds, I did not experience any issues with the wheels wanting to jump around or do anything other than go faster.The new Zipp 202 NSW wheels have the same dimensions, but a lighter 1,375g weight and a comparable price tag of 3,100.Direction changes were easy and nimble; and the wheels were super capable at handling rough patches of road.The first day of testing took us on a quick ride around town, where we encountered a variety of road conditions, including gravel and dirt.
Enve's marketing director Jake Pantone said that the internal design is a calculated decision.
The new.4s performed flawlessly.
Adding those updates while keeping weight down to 871 grams (front and rear rims combined) is no small feat.
Bottom line: the enve SES.4 wheels are nearly perfect, but cost more than many bikes Light, fast, stiff, good braking, unaffected by crosswinds.
Enve.4 Clincher Front Rim, weight: 432g, hole counts:.
Be sure to use Enves black brake pads, not the gray ones, to ensure a good bite and longer pad life.Reynolds R32 having spent more time on traditional deeper section aero wheels. .Were hoping to test the clincher incarnation soon.Image courtesy of Ian Matteson, one 70-ish-mile ride included quite a bit of climbing, along with some sustained high-speed descendinga little bit of everything, and just what the wheels were designed for.Perhaps, but again, we didnt send them to an independent wind tunnel to verify Enves aerodynamic claims.Enve's Jake Pantone shows off the SES.4 In any event, the sacrifice of that solitary watt seems to have paid dividends for how the wheel handles in the wind. The goal was to create an integrated system, taking into account the fact that front and rear wheels are not affected by wind in the same manner.The new enve SES.4 wheels pack all the good qualities you want into two hoops.With a new high-temperature resin, enve has seen no rim failures.The wheels felt light on the climbs, although my legs did feel a little heavy, and they gave me confidence on the descents.Engineered around wider tires, disc brakes, and updated geometries found in many of the latest frames, the new.4s are designed to be faster and lighter than the previous generation.Front rim: 38mm.75mm; rear rim: 42mm x 29mm.The weakest part of the Smart Enve.4s performance proved to be wet weather braking, where they were merely adequate.