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Chapter 4 Exercise 1: TodosYour First Backbone.
Youll learn how to create structured JavaScript applications, using Backbones own flavor of model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.Isbn-13 :, number of pages : 150, description : If you're looking to use the single-page application model to build your site's frontend, Backbone.Table of Contents, chapter 1 Introduction, what Is MVC?Organize your code into modules with AMD and RequireJS.Js brings MVC benefits to the client-side.MVC, MVP, and Backbone.Building Better JavaScript Applications, publisher: O'Reilly Media, release Date: May 2013.Start with the basics of MVC, SPA, and Backbone, then get your hands dirty building sample applicationsa simple Todo list app, a restful book library app, and a modular app with Backbone and RequireJS.Paginate data for your Collections with the ginator plugin.
This practical guide provides all the information you need to create structured JavaScript applications using Backbone.
I've been very excited with backbone.
Pages: 374, read on Safari with a 10-day trial, start your free trial now, buy on Amazon.Js App Setting Up Wiring in the Interface Creating the Backend Talking to the Server Summary Chapter 6 Backbone Extensions MarionetteJS (rionette) Thorax Summary Chapter 7 Common Problems and Solutions single player commands mcpe 0.8.1 Working with Nested Views Managing Models in Nested Views Rendering a Parent View from.Js Applications by Addy Osmani, publisher : O'Reilly Media 2012, iSBN/asin.Write code that can be easily read, structured, and extended.Js Namespacing Backbone Dependency Details Backbone Versus Other Libraries and Frameworks Appendix Resources Books and Courses Extensions/Libraries Colophon.Unit-test your Backbone apps with Jasmine, QUnit, and SinonJS.Js recently, but all I can find was minimal tutorials on the web.Static html, todo Model, todo Collection, application View.Individual TodoView, startup, in Action Completing and Deleting Todos Todo Routing Summary Chapter 5 Exercise 2: Book LibraryYour First restful Backbone.Js book, but since it just recently came out, wasn't able to find any.If you want to build your sites frontend with the single-page application (SPA) model, this hands-on book shows you how to get the job done with Backbone.Js is an ideal framework for the job.