cracker the best dog in vietnam

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Rick Hanski is a 17-year-old who is determined to conquer the world when he enlists in the Army.She is one of the only dogs spared from being euthanized or left in Vietnam.Because of her reputation, Rick and Cracker join a Special Forces unit on a rescue mission in Cambodia where Cracker attacks an enemy just as he is about to shoot Rick.Cracker had a healthy life with Rick.Cracker earns the respect of all who meet her, as she truly becomes a hero and "The Best Dog in Vietnam." Due to the subject matter, cracker!Is an incredibly intense and emotionally challenging book.She didnt like Rick telling her what to do, any other animal would make her go crazy, and she didnt like the director.When they got there, Twenty-twenty had been shot.Rick spends time recovering in the hospital and tries to find news of Cracker.
Their names were Tristie an Bruno.
Rick is assigned a position as a dog handler and is matched with Cracker.
The two dogs beside her were the best trained dogs.
The Army is classifying the dogs as military equipment and leaving them behind.
Presentation Transcript, cracker: The Best Dog In Vietnam, egg games for pc by: Cynthia Kadohata.Power Point by: Shelby Bloodworth, the Book, this book is about a German Shepherd named Cracker that went from a normal house pet to a dog in the Vietnam war.After the battle, Cracker is missing.You never know how something will turn out, for the better or for the worse.A man named Cody chess game 3d for xp was Brunos.It is her birthright.Unable to locate a new family or home, they come across an advertisement from the military: Uncle Sam is looking for a few good dogs.