construction and design manual architectural and program diagrams

A compilation of diverse diagrams are supported by renders and photos, illustrating the hundreds of different types of visual representations used on a range of building typologies.
Table of contents chapter title page project title page (left) diagram (right) construction details concept renders full page diagrams renders with diagrams diagrams diagrams renders renders diagrams full page spread on finished project book cover designboom ratings: interesting good read, worth a look very good.
Author: miyoung pyo / seonwook kim publisher: DOM publishers year: 2012 size: 415 pages, 23 x.
The book is logically organized by firm, and sub-categorized by project, with general project statistics and a brief description of the buildings conceptual focus.Is it for me?Two essays in the prologue gives a philosophical approach to the function and importance of the diagram.Perhaps more useful for a student, this reference book gives plentiful examples of all kinds of informational illustrations, great for the inspiration-seeking architect who would like to improve the way they communicate ideas.Isbn : m designboom rating: content there is no doubt that a designers visual representation of concepts and ideas can make or break a project.This volume is useful to take a look at 48 different projects by ten diverse architectural firms and the several methods of infography used by each one to communicate ideas ranging from technical to theoretical content.Ron arad and design (ing) museum reveals the.
Conditional, design : An introduction to elemental architecture.
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