cheats underground 2 pc

You can get about 50,000 to 500,000 drift points at the end of the race.
Hint: Get more nitro's faster:, submitted by:Spike, at te start of the race you can just tap the nitro button to get a little more.Next Main Page Previous GCN Cheats.1987 Toyota Corolla GTS (AE86 RWD, 112 hp, 6600 rpm, 97 lbs.When you start career mode, choose a Peugeot 106.They will say a general location in the city where you can find hidden races not shown on the map that are worth 850 instead of the usual 300.Power: Get 32 wins on level.Power: 32 wins in level.To access these races, go to your garage, then your world space invaders game music map, and select a race.For unique rims, get six wins in stage.When you exit the garage and see your NOS.By doing this, you will greatly increase your score, especially on the downhill.
There is an easier way than doing it kali linux mini iso in the streets of the city.
Easy NOS: Get on the highway and drive in reverse.
Easy drag race wins, instead of using nitrous by holding it down and wasting it all at once, just keep tapping NOS as fast as you can.
You must go the same way as the other drivers, as they will not follow you due to the CPU's.
Get your front bumper up against a wall.Spoiler: 11 wins in level.1999 Mazda Miata: RWD, 128 hp, 6500 rpm, 110 lbs.Spoiler: Get 11 wins on level.Engine, transmission or tires: Get 3 wins on outrun level.Put all of these on your Celica, and it will be the fastest car in the game.It is easier to do this in an SUV because it will not reach a high speed before you reach the fountains.2003 Volkswagen Golf GTI.8T: FWD, 180 hp, 5500 rpm, 173 lbs.You will get your cash.) Misc.Collect them, jump to the garage (on the main menu screen) and return for five more.Finally, go to nitrous and set it at its maximum.