call of duty uo 1.5 patch

- AAS: Transport contract document.
226 Call off order - Document/message to provide split quantities and delivery dates referring to a previous blanket order.
57 Advice of nero full version dengan serial key items pending to be booked in the ledger An advice that items are pending to be booked in the ledger.220 Order - Document/message by means of which a buyer initiates a transaction with a seller involving the supply of goods or services as specified, according to conditions set out in an offer, or otherwise known to the buyer.Business customer service:, customer service helpline:, tTY:, tTY services are available between the hours of.m.From the premises of an enterprise to those of a carrier undertaking further transport.451 - Extended payment order Document/message containing information needed to initiate the payment.AIZ - Consolidated invoice number Invoice number into which other invoices are consolidated.54 Extract A subset of the original.When we receive a response, we will update the email contact information.
20 Replace heading section only Message to replace the heading of a previous message.
382 - Commission note Document/message in which a seller specifies the amount of commission, the percentage of the invoice amount, or some other basis for the calculation of the commission to which a sales agent is entitled.
387 - Hire invoice Document/message for invoicing the hiring of human resources or renting goods or equipment.
5 Replace - (converted SEQ 1245 with '5 LIN 1229 with '38 Message replacing a previous message.LW - Customer (ansi running man episode 121 eng sub pC - Actual purchaser's customer, yD - Buyer (ansi).CZ- Cooperation contract number CR (ansi VC (ansi) AAJ - proir contract number (ansi) PLN (ansi) CC(ansi) - Contract Co-op Number UP (ansi) - Upstream shipper contract number AH - Agreement number XC3 - Consignment contract number REF GS AEG, PH, SZ, SVS, VX, AJK.384 - Corrected invoice Commercial invoice that includes revised information differing from an earlier submission of the same invoice.Customers can find out if service is available in their area, order new service, access their online account to change current service or find out more about Pay As You Go plans and phones.We were unable to make it through the maze of automated responses.T-Mobile also offers Pay As You Go services for cell phones.REF SN BN, CF, LSR, USR, BV, SE, LS, LA, SNe, SNI, 09, ST Serial number - Identification number of an item which distinguishes this specific item out of a number of identical items.Ship to - Identification of the party to where goods will be or have been shipped.