breaking bad season 5 episode 5 direct

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Its too late for Walt to redeem himself, but he still has some control over how we remember his name.
We know because Walt implicates himself in a murder he didnt commit.Walts call is a performance for the police, but like any good actor, Walt is tapping into real feelings, and Walt has boundless reserves of misogynist rage to draw upon.Walts call to Skyler is his way of leaving her some shred of gratitude to remember him.It so happens that Remember My Name, is the tagline for the final eight episodes.I still have things to do, Walt tells Skyler, and we have to wonder what he has in mind as he drops off baby Holly with some friendly firefighters and slips over the Red Minivan of Event Horizon.Video, iD :.The mighty Ozymandias couldnt hold onto power, or even control how people would remember him, but his name lives.Were willing to beg, but Hank isnt.
Walt and Jesse saw this place on the way up, and theyre seeing it again on the way down.
Duration : 47mn 11s.
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) begs Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) not to kill Hank Schrader (Dean Norris).
Then, were slammed back into the present as the same shot is repopulated with the gunfight.
Walt throws it all back in the haters faces.
Walts abuse feels heartfelt, but hes also deliberately giving Skyler an out.Gomie is dead and Hank is bleeding profusely from a leg wound, but the message of the edit is that we dont even need a full dissolve to bring us to the present because so little has changed in the grand scheme of things.Walts parting call mirrors the call he made in the opening scene.Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec.Between, anna Gunns op/ed and Walts phone call, Breaking Bad has broken new ground in trolling the anti-social elements of its fanbase.Ozymandias, the poem about a long-forgotten ruler of Egypt, a cruel tyrant whose colossus sims 3 generations key lies in ruins, is a metaphor for the transience of worldly power.Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone.