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Samhain Ritual Two Witches A Modern Craft Fairy-Tale (Mike Nichols) Wicca from My Point of View (Lady Phoenix) Witchcraft: The Old Religion Q A (Dr.
Don't be shocked to find they are just the same as any of the other spells here on the site.
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Random Folksinger) Aporrheton 5 (Judy Harrow?) The Abbreviated Laws (including Comment.R.F.) The Law (Humor) Karma, The Three-Fold Law (Paul Seymour) Exegesis on The Wiccan Rede (Judy Harrow) joan on the Witch Laws Commentary.A.Famous Books of Shadows.We do not post copyrighted material (that is, anything written by you) unless you are the copyright owner and include a release such as This article may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, providing that this original copyright notice stays in place at all times.(Amber.) Re-Thinking The Watchtowers (Mike Nichols) First Degree, What is it?Phillips) Vernal Equinox Ritual from OZ (Julia Phillips) Beltane Ritual 1987 (Coven of The Serpents Eye) Candlemas Ritual 1987 (Coven of The Serpents Eye) Imbolg '92 (Julia Phillips) Samhain Ritual 1986 (Coven of The Serpents Eye) Yule Ritual 1984 (Julia Phillips) "Legitimacy" in the Craft.Topics, home, catalog, african, age of Reason, alchemy.
Once you've chosen the format, take a little time to properly consecrate or bless your Book of Shadows so that it becomes a sacred tool instead of just a notebook.
Prayer (Salgamma) Dying God (Ammond ShadowCraft) Gnosticism Kali and Modern Physics Hidden Codes in the Torah.A.M.
Wadsworth) Wicca and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (D.
Hussey Craft Ethics Response (M.K.H) Broken Heart Spell (Healing) Statement of Principles and Ethics (Lifeway Shamanic Fellowship) Dragon, The Last (story by Gerald Decampo) Circle Casting On the Number 451 (Ordo Argentum Astrum) Chaos Magick.Note: As most of these postings were archived many years ago, we have no way to contact the authors of any of these documents.The less work it is to incorporate your article, the better the chance it will be posted.May the Goddess be your guide!Thelema Notes On The Historical Egregore in Magick (I.O.T.) Nemesis Conjuration (I.O.T.) Ideology (I.O.T.) Thunder, Perfect Mind (Tony Ianotti) Treatise On Mind (The Tigress) Magickal Training Course (Phil Hansford) Chaos-sphere.O.T.#5) Blessing my New Home Bowhunter's Prayer to Dianna (Kalioppe) Spirituality Creation Mystery, Part II Discoveries Song (Vivienne West) Pagan Churches (Julia Phillips) Searching (Carol Neist,.O.W.Moonsone) Twenty-Two Commandments for the New Age (A.Church of All Worlds What is Shamanism?We acknowledge Durwydd's hard work to preserve this archive.