best american idol auditions 2014

Munfarid Zaidi, 19, spills the dish that he actually reads Harry Connick.
He came into his audition and said he was going to bring the.
He says hes been playing the guitar forever and has lots of original songs.
We hate seeing people have their dreams crushed.Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick.Sixteen-year-old Stephanie Hanvey performs Price Tag by Jessie J for the American Idol judges and were not terrible impressed.Now were on to Malcolm Allen, 21, one of our favorites weve heard in American Idol spoilers for season.American Idol 2014 Auditions in Austin Source:.Troy Durden, 29, who believes he is a 100 on a scale of one.Savion gives the judges an original tune and its as great as we hoped it would.This one is not so good either, leaving us to think maybe people should not be trying to emulate best gba games 2012 her at an American Idol audition.
Up first would have.
American Idol 2014, we all know you need something more than just a great voice.
We all know that most of them wont make it past the first cut, but it will be interesting to watch still.
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Knowing liam, it will probably lead.
Good, solid vocals, but the song doesnt really suit her.
In the end, the judges decide to pass but tell her maybe to come back next year.American Idol 2014 spoilers videos below!She gets two no votes from Harry and Keith, and she wont be going through.Harry thinks he is the best of the day!Nicki Minaj and, mariah Carey, with, randy Jackson bored off to one side, and Keith Urban looking like he wanted to flee at any minute!She still gets a Golden Ticket though.Our last audition of the evening is also perhaps the most fun to watch.