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Publish something at least of what you know, for you will thereby benefit many souls.
Viii Whoever reads the pretty man episode 12 life of Anne crazy kart 2 game Catherine Emmerich, and her book, will be satisfied that no fault can be found in any of these respects either with herself or with her revelations.
Its style was unpretending, its ideas simple, its tone unassuming, its sentiments unexaggerated, and its every sentence expressive of the most complete and entire submission to the Church.The Church directs certain means to be employed to ascertain by what spirit these ecstasies are produced, according to the maxim.Neither the uneducated maiden whose visions are here related, nor the excellent Christian writer who has published them in so entire a spirit of literary disinterestedness, ever had the remotest idea of such a thing.Westmonasterii, DIE XXI maii mcmxxviii, oNE volume, aND.Our readers will remember the words of the psalmist: I am a worm and no man; the reproach of men, and the outcast of the people; and those of the apostle: Tempted in all things like as we are, without sin.For the Church is only founded on the word of Christ and on the revelations made to the Apostles.Recorded in the Journals of Clemens Brentano, arranged and edited by the Very Reverend Carl.Encouraged by the approbation of such men, we therefore yield to the wishes of many virtuous friends in publishing the Meditations on the Passion, of this humble religious, to whom God granted the favour of being at times simple, ingenuous, and ignorant as a child.He at the same time brought forward various instances from his own experience and that of others, showing the benefit which had been derived from the study of works of a similar character.Still, the translator has by no means disguised to himself that this work is written, in the first place, for Christians; that is to say, for men who have the right to be very diffident in giving credence to particulars concerning facts which are articles.Mystic, Stigmatist, Visionary, and Prophet, tHE dolorous passion OF, oUR lord jesus christ.
It has been prepared for the press under the superintendence of the two late Bishops of Ratisbonne, Sailer and Wittman.
OF, oUR lord jesus christ, aND, hIS blessed mother.
In the next place, we are not sorry to call public attention in some degree to all that class of phenomena which preceded the foundation of the Church, which has since been perpetuated uninterruptedly, and which too many Christians are disposed to reject altogether, either.On the other hand, there have been so many grand platonic or rhetorical sentences in the books published of late years, concerning that abstract entity, on which the writers have been pleased to bestow the Christian title of the Word, or Logos, that it may.It is perfectly clear that it has, properly speaking, no literary pretensions whatever.Many theologians believe that she received from God more visions than any other saint.Wittman.* This holy Bishop, who was so deeply versed in the ways of Divine grace, and so well acquainted with its effects on certain souls, both from his private investigations of the subject, and his own experience, took the most lively interest in all that.