abbyy finereader 9 professional edition

This serial number cannot be activated automatically 2289, the following error message appears during activation of the program: This serial number cannot be activated automatically.
Pros, excellent interface: This app features a smooth and streamlined interface that makes its features accessible to users of all experience levels.
Some images from ADF scanner are lost 97, all pages pass through scanner but only the first one appears in the document.
Activation, licensing, office 2016 (Microsoft Word, Excel 2016) crashes at launch when engineering computer science books FineReader or PDF Transformer is installed 506, mS Office 2016 applications (Microsoft Word, Excel) stop working after moving abbyy FineReader (or PDF Transformer) to PC with newer Windows version or after upgrade.Ask abbyy Online Support.There was a Help manual, which explained things clearly, but it didn't seem like it should be necessary to consult the Help document just to open the app.Frequent mistakes: Even in a very basic page of a document, there were still several errors, most of them involving letters being substituted for numbers.When abbyy FineReader is started, the following error message appears: abbyy licensing service is unavailable.Activation found 99 documents, pages: Next Need help?
The full version costs 169.99.
Microsoft Office, Word, the parameter is incorrect / Cannot open twain source 1562, one of the following error message appears during scanning: "Cannot open twain source" or "The parameter is incorrect." scanner driver, abbyy FineReader Pro for Mac activation 1519, how can I activate my copy.
Installation also took nearly 15 minutes to complete.These seemed to happen when the font was slightly different in certain areas, and although some errors are understandable and expected, it doesn't bode well for the results of this recognition technology working on more complex documents.Cons, complicated installation: The installation process for this app was long and a bit confusing.The free trial is good for 30 days or 100 pages, whichever comes first, and it only allows you to save three pages at a time.There were multiple steps, and instructions weren't always clear about what to do next.Scan items directly, or use files you already have saved on your computer, and once the program has done its work, you'll be able to search and edit them with ease.Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of abbyy FineReader Professional.Licensing, office 2013/2016/365 crashes at launch because old version of FineReader (or PDF Transformer) is installed 137, the error message Microsoft Word (Excel) has stopped working occurs when MS Office application start is starting.