2014 yamaha phazer xtx top speed

Too low tension in secondary (driven) clutch.
Thats the job of the secondary.The price must.Note: We have had a large number of yvxc Clutches Blow-up.This comes complete with adjustable weights and spring. .Too much side-force and the clutch will back-shift too fast and put you in too low of a ratio and over rev when you stab the throttle out of a corner.Heel bottom end, Middle Mid-range, and Tip top end.Carlisle has a one year warranty.Always use new dethalbum 3 tab book drive belt for proper set-up.Bushings must be serviceable.Then adjust the spring tension and helix ramp angles on the secondary (driven) clutch to get the shift-out you want.Too shallow secondary (driven) helix angle.
For the Yamaha secondary we have Billet Helixes and the new for 2003 Stealth Helix also 170.00.
Only change ONE thing at a time.
Belt must be cleaned before break-in and every other ride (preferably) and within minimum width tolerance.
RX to 136 144 RX-1 Long Track Kits RX-1 performance parts (Call for details).
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The basic idea of clutch tuning is to get the springs and flyweights in your primary (drive) clutch to bring the engine to a specific rpm peak using different weight and spring combinations.The primary (drive) and the secondary (driven) will directly effect each other, try not to over compensate one to fix the other, its a balance youre looking for.Lastly, Im a believer in low gearing, its less work for the clutches and engine they will run cooler.Once you have your rpm where you want it, you next job is to get it to shift out the way you want.Also, use a brush to scrub sides clean.Harder is not better for performance.The Yamaha 8DN belt is very hard and has a high amount of slipping, which will create heat and loss of acceleration.Tracks are ordered Pre-season with Discounts, we pass discounts on to you.Even though the clutches appear to be pretty simple, they can make a perfectly sane man sound like a babbling idiot, muttering things to himself like, wait a minute I added weight, if I increase the spring rate.We will not be liable for damage, personal injury or death on any modifications performed 121 To 136 .25.Do NOT change the secondary to adjust engine rpm.Dont forget motor torque stop.